Resume Writing and Interviewing Skills

Resume Writing and Interviewing Skills

Studies show that employers spend no more than 20 seconds glancing over each resume they receive. Your resume should present a well-organized profile of your qualifications, work experience, education, achievements and overall career objectives. What's more, it's vital that the information you present be visually appealing, consistently formatted, and error-free.

Resume tips when building your resume
  • Spell-check your document! Make sure that punctuation, grammar, and spelling are error-free. 
  • Include a customized cover letter with your resume. A cover letter is your chance to express why you believe you're the best person for the job.
  • Include "action words". Action words are terms that describe your job functions.
  • Avoid using paragraphs or long sentences. The bullet style - use of an action word followed by an account of the action you performed enables you to include a lot of information about your work-related duties, responsibilities and achievements in as condensed a form as possible.

It happens all too often... the best candidate for the position is overlooked simply due to interview performance. Whether we like it or not, the interview is a crucial step of the recruitment process.  Being a strong interviewer and having confidence in your skills and experience requires practice and expertise.

Here are some organizations that can assist you in building your resume and help you get ready for your next interview.

YMCA of Simcoe / Muskoka 
Northern Lights Canada / Employment Ontario
Employment North
Career Discovery